Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grants for Equine Non-Profits!

I love to post these types of articles to the horse therapy community because it really can help others expand their businesses and non-profits! 

"The USA Equestrian Trust is pleased to announce that IRS-registered equine nonprofit organizations now have two opportunities to submit grant applications. Applications for financial grants to be funded in 2012 are due May 7 or Oct. 8 at 5:00 p.m. EST. 

In 2011, the Trust's board was pleased to grant nearly $200,000 to ten applicants. Past recipients of grants include those doing equine health research, land conservation, and educational programs. The Trust welcomes applications for need-based and means-tested worthy equine projects and encourages applicants to detail those in their applications.

Funding available for grants includes approximately $70,000 reserved for hunter/jumper nonprofit programs and activities in the states of California and Nevada. Applicants for this fund should make clear their intention to apply for funds available from this specific reserve.

Among the Trust's 2011 grant recipients was the Morris Animal Foundation, which received a grant of $10,000 for researchers at the University of Massachusetts who are focusing on ways to treat equine laminitis. The grant was used to help develop more targeted therapeutic drugs that could slow and/or prevent laminar tissue damage in horses. Morris Animal Foundation CEO/President David Haworth, DVM, PhD,said, "Morris Animal Foundation is thankful for the continued support from USA Equestrian Trust. It's partnerships like this that help us work to give horses longer, healthier lives."

"The board of USA Equestrian Trust felt it was crucial during this continued time of economic instability to expand our grants program to assist the many worthy equine nonprofits in need of assistance," said Alan F. Balch, USA Equestrian Trust president. "And while no charity can make grants to every deserving group, the Trust has significantly increased its giving since 2009 and hopes to continue to do so."

All applicants must submit a proposed budget for their projects as word processing documents. Applications cannot be submitted without one. All grant applications must be submitted online or postmarked no later than May 7 and Oct. 8. No late applications will be considered. The targeted date for notifying grant recipients is within 60 days of due date. If you have any questions about applying, please e-mail grants@trusthorses.org. To learn more about USA Equestrian Trust and/or its grant program for equine nonprofits, visit www.trusthorses.org."

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